BAILEY vegan luxury designer bag

Our newest innovation on
the handbag market

With our handbag BAILEY we reach the next milestone in sustainability – exquisite designer bags made from plant-based and all natural vegan leather for modern personalities. (we mean really natural – no plastics mixed in!)

Bio-based, plastic-free & recyclable.

We are looking for real fashionistas

You want to be the first to experience our new BAILEY bag?

Our new, innovative handbag BAILEY will be on the market soon. After two years of testing and optimizing our new, never seen before bag, we would like to finally share it with you.

What we expect from you

As a testimonial, you will receive our BAILEY bag free of charge and can put it through its paces. After you've gotten a good impression of our bag and the materials, we are curious to hear about your experience.

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What makes our BAILEY bag so special

BAILEY is the handbag powered by nature. It is made of all natural and 100% biobased MIRUM®. Therefore, it can be recycled and reintroduced in the manufacturing process. No petroleum or cruelty are involved - good for you, the animals and the environment!


Sustainably made
with MIRUM®


Handcrafted in

Vegan for the

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