We redefine luxury –
one bag at a time.

Melina Bucher handbags unite ethics and aesthetics. Exquisite design and 100% vegan materials are combined into a balanced whole. Each bag of the exclusive collection is handcrafted out of finest vegan leather in selected European manufactories. The Melina Bucher meticulous design process follows the highest quality and ethical standards resulting in products made to last.

Melina Bucher certificates vegan designer bags
Trudy Vegane Clutch Trudy Vegane Clutch
Vegane Clutch Trudy
Bailey Die Handtasche der Zukunft Bailey Die Handtasche der Zukunft
Die Handtasche der Zukunft Bailey
Indy Vegane Henkeltasche Indy Vegane Henkeltasche
Vegane Henkeltasche Indy
Angel Veganer Shopper Angel Veganer Shopper
Veganer Shopper Angel

Our core values

Vegan for the animals

Sustainable materials

Handcrafted in Europe

Made for strong personalities

Melinas personal message

With my brand, I am on a mission to combine what a long time seemed contradicting: Ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, smart functions and design. With a modern approach to materials and 100% transparency. High fashion for strong women who claim their agency.


As modern, female-led company we do not take any compromises. Our vegan bags are carefully developed out of innovative materials in Germany with attention to every design detail.

Melina Bucher in the media

Melina Bucher is a female led, luxury bag brand that was made for unapologetically strong women.

May 2021

Sustainable Bags: here you can find your favourite design.

April 2021

Exquisite, made-to-last a lifetime bags.

December 2020

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