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Shifting Mindsets - Campaign 2020

A consideration of female strength and a celebration of modern values


The art lies in the symbiosis, not in the individual. We harmonize dichotomies and unite ethics and aesthetics into a balanced whole – our bags combine innovative, vegan materials, elegant design and consistent transparency.

It is not rare for a high-fashion bag to promise to satisfy the desire of a certain look and image whilst also being practical. What truly is rare, is a bag that combines these characteristics with a sustainable, ethical production. Thus, the Indy, Trudy and Angel bags are exclusive accessories for strong personalities who are willing to break down (invisible) boundaries and claim the well-known “seat-at-the-table”. All without harming the environment.

Campaign 2020 Behind the Scenes DesireeCampaign 2020 Behind the Scenes GraceCampaign 2020 Behind the Scenes Maya

The campaign, shot in spring 2020, focuses on female empowerment and shifting mindsets. It mirrors the pluralism and complexity of female identities – everyone should feel addressed, no one should feel excluded. The images celebrate the uniqueness of the models, open a dialogue about female self-determination in the 21st century and transcend boundaries of consumerism.

Campaign 2020 Behind the Scenes


The established is questioned. Dynamic perspectives encourage an alternative view of the familiar, highlighting the material essence and disarming elegance of the collection. The visual compositions are an expression of solid longevity on the one hand and new beginnings on the other.


Longevity and transseasonality are expressed in the design and materials of the bags. Sustainability and transparency are pillars of our philosophy. Hence, we made the conscious decision to cooperate solely with other sustainable brands for this campaign.

We are rethinking luxury – with an emphasis on transparency and sustainability, we are pursuing innovative pathways towards social and environmental responsibility.

Campaign 2020 Behind the Scenes Female Empowerment

The campaign was shot by Stephanie Braun who won the 2019 Vogue Talent in Photography Award. She captured the vision of the campaign in an interview:

“For me as a photographer, the campaign embodies one big keyword that originates in the essence of the label and the design of the bags: female empowerment. Modern women show up and claim their agency – with all their ambitions, wishes and values. They are not only unique in their to-do’s, but also in their style, appearance and background. Therefore, we intentionally chose three unique models to establish diversity. Each of them embodies individual strength, self-confidence and self-determination while at the same time conveying a sense of community and breaking with standardized and outdated ideals of beauty in the fashion world.”

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