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We redefine luxury –
one bag at a time.

Welcome to Melina Bucher, where Asthetics meets Empathy. We are the brand that rethinks luxury fashion to become more sustainable, people and animal-friendly. Below you can find our press contact, the latest press releases, more information about our company and a Media Kit link for further downloadable images. Please feel free to reach out to us for press coverage or founder interviews.

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Melinas personal message

I have always had a special connection with high-end fashion. But with time, I did more research on the conditions of fashion production. The impact on the environment and people involved is huge, not to mention the treatment of animals.
I began to ask myself: Are these products in line with my understanding of value and quality?
And the simple answer was: no.

With my brand, I am on a mission: a mission to do it all! Combining what a long time seemed contradicting: Ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, smart functions and design. With a modern approach to materials and 100% transparency. High fashion for strong women who claim their agency.

Latest Press Releases

Melina Bucher as a Pioneer of Sustainable Design

Melina Bucher as a Pioneer of Sustainable Design

This year, Melina Bucher receives Europe's biggest award for ecological and social commitment with the vegan designer bag BAILEY. The 'the handbag of the future' is designed for the circular economy. 

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Melina Bucher Vegan Luxury

Vegan luxury - How the label Melina Bucher combines high-end fashion and integrity

Sustainable, transparent and of the highest quality: The young female founder Melina Bucher creates handbags that unite ethics and aesthetics. Her eponymous label proves that textile manufacturing can be fair and transparent.

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CATLOVER Charity Collection

CATLOVER Charity Collection

Calling all animal lovers: Melina Bucher has released the CATLOVER Charity Collection. 10 Euro from every product sold goes directly to animal welfare. Read the press release to get all the information on the latest charity collection.

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Founder Melina Bucher on Challenges as a Female Founder

Women History Month - Melina Bucher on Challenges as a Female Founder

Even to this day, most start-ups are still founded by males. In celebration of International Women's Day, Melina Bucher provides insights into the experiences  and challenges along the way for female founders. Read the press release and contact us to further discuss ways for better opportunities for women entrepreneurs.

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Melina Bucher Campaign 2020

Shifting Mindsets - Campaign 2020

The campaign, shot in spring 2020, focuses on female empowerment and shifting mindsets. It mirrors the pluralism and complexity of female identities – everyone should feel addressed, no one should feel excluded. The images celebrate the uniqueness of the models, open a dialogue about female self-determination in the 21st century and transcend boundaries of consumerism.

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Melina Bucher in Press

Pioneers of vegan luxury: the new generation of Melina Bucher vegan handbags is made of 100% bio-based and plastic-free vegan leather

December 2021

Highest quality, sustainability through innovation, and exclusive design are the distinguishing features of the German-based label.

November 2021

Melina Bucher Launches Designer Handbags Made From Mirum Plastic-Free Vegan Leather

November 2021

Each sustainably made bag is crafted to the highest standards, making them the perfect addition to your summer workwear wardrobe.

August 2021

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This vegan designer bag label marries aesthetics with empathy.

July 2021

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Melina Bucher is a female led, luxury bag brand that was made for unapologetically strong women.

June 2021

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Sustainable Bags: here you can find your favourite design.

April 2021

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Exquisite, made-to-last a lifetime bags.

December 2020

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Rethinking luxury! The premium bag label Melina Bucher sets a statement with her exquisite vegan products.

November 2020

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Designing high-quality, durable fashion and doing good. For the young fashion designer Melina Bucher this is no paradox.

January 2020

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Water repellent, scratch resistant and easy to clean - Melina Bucher designs for people with high demands on materials.

April 2020

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Luxury redefined

Melina Bucher was founded on the cores of aesthetics and empathy. We are on a mission to combine finest craftsmanship and smart design with compassion and sustainability. Our bags are designed in Germany with meticulous attention to detail within a fully transparent European supply chain. All products are 100% vegan (PETA-approved) and made with innovative materials that outperform traditional leather, aiming to redefine the definition of luxury.