MIRUM® - the bio-based vegan leather

MIRUM® is a progressive material made from natural ingredients only. Currently, plant-based leathers usually require the use of synthetic adhesives or coatings to ensure that they meet performance requirements. This is where the innovative material MIRUM® comes into play: In the manufacturing process, no synthetic inputs are needed. It is the solution for forward thinking personalities negating both cruelty and the use of plastics for fashion.

Say bye to plastics

The innovative MIRUM® material is powered by nature: It contains FSC-certified natural rubber, natural colorants such as biomass charcoal, other natural fillers like clays and plant based oils and waxes. MIRUM® is certified as 100% bio-based through the USDA's BioPreferred program and contains zero plastics.

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Circular by design

Natural Fiber Welding uses a unique patented process to create MIRUM® being not only 100% natural, but also circular. This means that when you do not want your handbag anymore, you can give it back to us and we make sure it is used to produce new MIRUM® or to go back to nature as valuable nutrients.

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MEET BAILEY - the handbag of the future

Our BAILEY bag was the world's first handle bag made with MIRUM®. The progressive bag won major awards like the German Sustainability Award in Design and the PETA Vegan Fashion Award. Designed for the next generation. Designed for you.



What are the exact ingredients of MIRUM®?

MIRUM® is made of natural ingredients only. It contains 47% natural rubber, 25% plant and mineral fillers, 28% natural waxes and oils. The rubber is FSC-certified.

Which certifications does MIRUM® have?

MIRUM® is USDA-certified 100% bio-based and PETA-approved vegan. It can be produced with different textile backing materials, we are using one with organic cotton. More certifications are in place, please have a look at the impact report.

What is the carbon footprint of Mirum?

MIRUM® went through a third-party LCA and the carbon footprint is estimated to be ca. 2.1 kg CO2 per kg of material, where the organic cotton backing amounts to 1.3 kg and the MIRUM® coating to 0.8 kg of the total amount. This is a ca. 90% reduction compared to animal leather.

Is MIRUM® durable?

MIRUM® went through rigorous external mechanical testing with excellent results comparable to animal or synthetic leather. It even passed important tests for automotive and can be seen in the newest BMW Vision next car. This is insofar impressive, as the automotive industry has the most rigid requirements for seating materials. As the first brand worldwide launching the handle bag BAILEY from MIRUM®, we extensively tested the material in the last years and have built the necessary know-how to work with this new material.

Can MIRUM® be used just like traditional leather?

MIRUM® is a game-changing materials offering the possibility to create leather goods without any plastics or cruelty involved. Although it can be used in the same applications, specific knowledge is needed in manufacturing. We have extensive experience with the material and offer you the highest quality designs made with MIRUM® material.

I am a brand and would like to test MIRUM®

As an official reseller and manufacturing partner, we are happy to help you make the switch to more sustainable materials! To learn more, please reach out via email (info@melinabucher.com) or via other contact options.