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MELINA BUCHER is an impact driven brand that wants to be a voice for the voiceless. We advocate and fight for animal rights, women rights and a valuable life for all beings. We are not afraid to push boundaries and neither are the strong personalities wearing our bags not only for style, but a statement.

When we say vegan, we mean business.

We believe that animals are sentient beings that are not worth less. Simple as that. That's why we not only create vegan products, but a holistically vegan company. From furniture in our office, to paper-based tape and business cards for packaging, we source vegan friendly materials. Rest assured that we do our absolute best!

The Art of vegan leather craft

In 2023, we have opened Germany's first all vegan master bag manufactory. While there are only a handful of bag ateliers left in the country, we give young professionals a new perspective: by building knowledge around new, innovative materials, they can combine their passion for their craft with future-proof, animal friendly materials.

Meet the team
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From our signature animal prints to the bags names - we draw inspiration from our favorite animal friends!


Animal welfare organizations we work with


Welcome to our atelier

Your questions on vegan fashion

What is a vegan handbag?

Creating a vegan product means not using any animal-derived materials and process ingredients, meaning from the "leather" material to the glues and dyes, every component of our handbags is animal-free.

Isn't vegan leather just a fancy name for faux leather?

Vegan leather is a term used for all different kinds of material technologies. The overarching characteristic they all have in common is that they are free from any animal-derived ingredients.

This means that a vegan leather can be from PU (a synthetic material), from mycelium, from a plant-based and plastic mixture (for example apple leather, pineapple leather). In our case, we use a 100% bio-based and plastic-free vegan leather for our leather goods.

Isn't animal leather just a waste product of the meat industry and therefore it is better to use it?

Animal leather is a profitable by-product contributing to ca. 10% of a cow's "value" for the slaughterhouse. By buying an animal leather handbag, you actively contribute to the system of animal exploitation and killing. Something we want to stay away from.

What does the Peta-approved vegan certification mean?

PETA is an international animal welfare organization. The PETA-approved vegan certification means that an independent party looked at our supply chain and attested that we are not using any animal-derived ingredient.

What do you mean when you are saying you are a "vegan company"?

While there are (luckily!) a lot of vegan products out there, as passionate vegans we go a little further. To ensure that our business does not harm animals in its operations, we buy only vegan certified paper for our office, use a tape with a vegan glue for our packaging and also work primarily with vegan freelancers. While this does not always work, we want to ensure that the people we work with are mission aligned as much as possible.