We are the brand that rethinks luxury.

MELINA BUCHER is an impact driven brand that develops outstanding vegan leather goods uniting ethics and aesthetics.

By combining traditional bag craftsmanship and innovative biotechnology, we disrupt the leather industry to become more circular, ethical and sustainable. We design high fashion with modern values and meticulous attention to detail.
Luxury – redefined.


We are not here for sustainability blah. Our goal is to create holistically circular leather goods
that are completely bio-based. We are therefore actively engaged in EU-funded research projects and develop products in our own lab that use the most innovative, biobased material components. We use the world’s first 100% biobased, plastic-free vegan leather MIRUM® and components made of hemp, fungi or algae in our products.

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Creating an exceptional quality product takes time and dedication. MELINA BUCHER bags are designed and handcrafted in our own atelier in Germany with meticulous attention to detail. As the first master bag manufactory specialized in vegan leather goods and one of the last remaining bag manufactories in Germany, we are proud to keep this traditional craft alive. In our atelier, designers, scientists and craftsmen work closely together to craft the leather goods of the future. We also collaborate with selected European partners to share our knowledge in innovative materials.

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We are obsessed with handbags - and animals! From the beginning our vision was to establish a new kind of luxury. A lifestyle that appreciates high-end design and craftsmanship while embracing all living beings. We use our voice for the voiceless and create innovative handbags out of biobased, vegan materials. All our products are PETA-approved vegan certified.

Welcome to the vegan Goodlife


As a modern, female-led company we do not take any compromises. We develop vegan handbags for the fierce females of the future. Your MELINA BUCHER bag is not only worn for style, but a statement: high quality, ethics and sustainability go hand in hand. We are not afraid to push boundaries - and neither should you! Use your voice and claim your seat at the table now.

Meet our founder

Melina's personal message

I have always had a special connection with high-end fashion. But with time, I did more research on the conditions of fashion production. The impact on the environment and people involved is huge, not to mention the treatment of animals. I began to ask myself: Are these products in line with my understanding of value and quality? And the simple answer was: no. With my brand, I am on a mission: a mission to do it all! Combining what a long time seemed contradicting: Ethics and luxury, sustainability and aesthetics, smart functions and design. With a modern approach to materials and 100% transparency. High fashion for strong women who claim their agency.


    Handmade in Europe, the bag models combine elegant design and sustainable materials. The models, which are produced in small series, can be traced back to a 100% sustainable value chain and are free from animal components. As a vegan brand, this claim runs through the entire company and so the focus is also placed on this endeavor in the packaging and all other steps. MELINA BUCHER's bags are scratch and dirt-resistant and equipped with smart features that offer space for organization. The classic products surprise with an inner lining made of organic cotton in a colorful design and offer the wearer a surprising sight.


    A good handbag has to be made of leather? No way! MELINA BUCHER proves this with her sustainable designs, which are not only vegan but also completely plastic-free - and can hold a candle to any sinfully expensive luxury bag. However, ecologically fair materials are only one thing; the designer also focuses on transparency, innovation, short transportation routes and certified production. With their stylish designs and sustainable character, these bags make our hearts beat faster in two ways.


    The material MIRUM®, which was developed by Natural Fiber Wedling, contains no plastic and is 100% bio-based. A textile carrier, such as cotton or organic cotton, is used for production and treated with a coating made from various plants and minerals. The patented process enables production without synthetic components and does not require any water during production. In addition, the vegan leather alternative can be mechanically recycled and processed into new MIRUM® - the ideal prerequisite for working on circular products. So far, brands such as Pangaia, Camper, Allbirds and BMW as well as the vegan bag label MELINA BUCHER are working with it.

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