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Melina Bucher what is vegan fashion all about

What is vegan fashion all about?

Vegan fashion is getting more and more popular. Therefore, it is not surprising that a lot of information on this topic is available online. However, this information must be handled with care, because unfortunately there is a lot of misconceptions and greenwashing out there. In this article, our founder Melina shares her insights and sheds light on what vegan fashion is all about.

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Myths about leather header picture

The top 5 myths about animal leather

In this article we shed light on the top 5 myths about animal leather. On a scientific basis, we answer questions like: Is leather actually a waste or by-product? Is leather more sustainable than vegan alternatives? And is leather a natural product? Check out part one of our textile mythbusters series to learn more or download the PDF version for all sources!

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