Vegan Easter Gifts to Fill a Bunny-Approved Basket

Vegan Easter Gifts to Fill a Bunny-Approved Basket

We notice how the days are gradually getting longer and the nights milder, how the world shines in a warm light that makes the colors of nature bright. The air is filled with the scent of lush greenery and blooming flowers. We can already hear the gentle rustling of leaves in the wind and see the daisies growing on the green meadow. And if we are very attentive and have a little luck on our side, we can even see the hopping Easter bunny in this meadow as he diligently distributes his Easter baskets again this year.


How beautiful that we were lucky enough to meet the Easter bunny. He gave us a few exclusive tips on how to fill Easter baskets this year. We have collected these ideas for you. So if you're looking for sustainable and vegan inspiration, you've come to the right place:


Coffee is ready!

    As the saying goes... the morning makes the day and for most people it starts with a good cup of coffee. Coffee from "Alrighty" not only tastes good, it is also good. Because Alrighty offers top-quality coffee that is produced fairly and sustainably. The brand is involved in green projects such as reforestation in Ethiopia in order to reduce its own CO2 emissions. And they are committed to social equality on their coffee farms, where they are for example fighting against the gender gap. In our opinion, a coffee with such values tastes so much better. 



    A touch of coziness

      For a cozy atmosphere, a candle is a must. The candles from nordesign are not only stylish, but also resource-friendly. The candles are made from European soy and rapeseed wax and essential oils from organic farming. What's more, they are even locally handmade. The untreated wooden wick creates a slight crackling effect when burning - if that doesn't make for a good feel-good atmosphere.

      And for all those who always feel a little nostalgic after burning a candle, nordesign will soon be offering a refill solution. This means you can simply use the high-quality concrete container again and revive your candle.


      Balm for the soul - and the lips

        A 100% natural lip balm is not only good for your lips, but also for the environment. Made from plant-based ingredients, this balm by SUMMER FRIDAYS offers effective care as well as a clear conscience. It soothes dry lips while providing a touch of sheer pink color. Butter up for instant moisture, color and shine with a blend of buttercream and a hint of sweet sugar flavor.



        The highlight: the vegan cardholder for every occasion

          And here comes our absolute highlight: the cardholder by MELINA BUCHER. It is made from the 100% bio-based material MIRUM®. The unique vegan leather is completely plastic-free and requires around 90% less CO2 emissions than animal leather. The cardholder is handmade to measure in MELINA BUCHER's own factory in Mannheim by experienced designers and master craftswomen. If that doesn't pave the way for a future in which our Easter bunny can continue to hop across the lush green meadow. Because with products like these, we care about animal welfare and protect our environment.




          Smooth and refreshed hands

            High-quality, vegan and a beautiful accessory in every bathroom, because we're all really into apothecary bottles now. The aromatic composition with plant extracts and finely ground pumice

            stone ensures gentle cleansing and natural exfoliation. Aesop's hand soap conjures up smooth, clean and refreshed hands every day. How wonderful that exfoliants also work without microplastics.



            It´s all about chocolate

              And what should not be missing at Easter? Right, the sweet temptation, chocolate to be precise! Of course, we have tested a few so that we can only recommend the best to you. The Easter bunny from LA MARA or the Nucao bars are for true chocolate fans! They impress with their delicate creaminess and nutty crunch. If, like us, you can't get enough of chocolate, you can snack your way through many other vegan vareties from both brands. Be aware of addiction!


              Last but not least, a little bit of nostalgia...

                The good old handwritten card, well, who still knows it? Nowadays we tend to forget the handwritten word due to the sensory overload and all the messages on social media. But it's all the nicer to be surprised with a few personal words. That's why our last tip is the classic greeting card, with which you can never go wrong. So why not place your personal Easter greeting in a paper card this year, which is guaranteed to bring joy.


                Putting together an Easter basket is not only a loving gesture, but also a way to share your values and inspire your loved ones. Veganism is fun, so show them your favorite products that are stylish, delicious and also good for our environment.

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