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Vegan Designer

We redefine luxury –
one bag at a time.

Melina Bucher creates handbags that set a statement –
highest quality products, uniting ethics and aesthetics. Exquisite design and 100% vegan materials are combined into a balanced whole. Each bag of the exclusive collection is handcrafted out of finest, vegan leather in selected European manufactories. With a modern approach to materials and full commitment to transparency, the brand redefines luxury.

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Indy vegan designer tote bag black Indy vegan desginer tote bag nude
Vegan Handbag Indy
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Trudy vegan designer clutch bag black Trudy vegan designer clutch bag nude
Vegan Clutch Trudy
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Handcrafted Collection

Melina Bucher vegan handbags are designed in Germany, characterized by a timeless, sustainable design. Handcrafted by the best European manufactories, longevity and multifunctionality play a central role in the exclusive collection. The meticulous Melina Bucher design process follows the highest quality and ethical standards resulting in products made to last.

Angel vegan designer bag shopper black Angel vegan designer bag shopper nude
Vegan Shopper Angel
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Strong bags for strong personalities

The Indy, Trudy and Angel vegan designer bags embody modern values: self-confidence, empowerment and environmental integrity. They are exclusive accessories for strong personalities who are not afraid to break down invisible boundaries and claim their agency.

“Every bag will make you feel the passion that goes into each individual of our products”
- Melina Bucher, Founder

Luxury redefined

Melina Bucher was founded on the cores of aesthetics and empathy. We are on a mission to combine finest craftsmanship and smart design with compassion and sustainability. Our bags are designed in Germany with meticulous attention to detail within a fully transparent European supply chain. All products are 100% vegan (PETA-approved) and made with innovative materials that outperform traditional leather, aiming to redefine the definition of luxury.