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The long wait is finally over. The newest Bridgerton season is on Netflix!And just like the last season we will again see endless romantic, courtly calculation and true love. But that is not all! The newest season is full of classy and extravagant dresses from the London high society "le Bon ton" in the year 1813. Since the first season has started, we fell in love with all the pretty dresses. To celebrate the start of the second season we wanted to restyle the different looks in a modern version which is also suitable in daily life. Therefore, we have chosen some outfits from the first and the second season All outfits that we created are ofcourse completly vegan. We wish you a lot of fun while restyling our outfits!

Outfit 1: Awaken the princess inside you!
Edwina Sharma partying in a pink gown vegan and sustainable recreated

A party look in royal pink (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Shopbop , Clara Himmel, Jan’n June, Beyond Skin, Farfetch)

Let´s start with an outfit of the upcoming season. Edwinas look will bring out the princess in you! Every little girl loved the colour pink once and we all associate this colour with the term “princess”. The first outfit inspired us to fulfill our childhood dream to feel like a princess. Our restyled look consists of a long dress, optionally you can also wear a maxiskirt with a blouse. And you know what? Maxidresses as well as maxiskirts are fully in trend this year! To complete the whole look, you also need white mules and a clutch and as you can see the outfit is completed. It is perfectly suitable for a date night with your significant other. You simply must make haste to give this look a try and show your sweet side.

1. Dress: Maxidress from Stine Goya via Shopbop
2. Blouse: Wrap blouse in pink from Clara Himmel
3. Skirt: Maxiskirt from Jan'n June
4. Shoes: White mules from Beyond Skin
5. Bag: Clutch from Themoirè via Farfetch

Outfit 2: Elegant & Charming
Penelope Featherington taking a duckface selfie in a yellow outfit with pink details recreated as a vegan and sustainable two piece

An elegant two piece to let the haters hate (© Design Melina Bucher, product images from Self-Portrait , Jan’n June, Maison de Mode, Mink)

Your style is very elegant and chic and you love to wear eye-catching colours like the Featheringtons? Then this is the perfect outfit for you! A fluffy knit skirt with a yellow top with puffed sleeves. In addition, pink heels, a clutch and your look is complete. With this outfit you are guaranteed to be the eye-catcher everywhere!

1. Blouse: Blouse with puffed sleeves in yellow from Self-Portrait
2. Skirt: Fluffy short skirt also from Self-Portrait
3. Shoes: Heels from Mink
4. Jewellery: Earrings from Maison de Mode
5. Bag: Clutch in beige from Mink

Outfit 3: It becomes flowery
Daphne Bridgertons iconic blue look styled with vegan and sustainable clothing

Girl over flowers (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Self-Portrait, Cider, Mink, Melina Bucher)

No one wears such beautiful clothes as the main character Daphne. That´s why we had to recreate at least one of her look! We would like to show you two similar outfits in the Bridgerton family-colour baby blue embroidered with some flowers. The first one is a pretty mididress which is perfect for a festive event. Furthermore, the second look consists of a combination of a jacket and a skirt. Now only the a pair of black slippers and our BAILEY bag are missing, and the look is ready. Give this look a try and put yourself in the world of Daphne for a day. You will be the Juwel of the day!

1. Dress: Mididress with flowers from Self-Portrait
2. Combi piece: Jacket and skirt also from Self-Portrait
3. Shoes: Black slipper from Mink
4. Bag: Our BAILEY bag from Melina Bucher

Outfit 4: Yellow, yellow, yellow
Marinas yellow ballgown modern recreation with vegan and sustainable clothing

Yellow, summery and also sustainable (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Amur, Clara Himmel, Shopbop, Matt & Nat, Melina Bucher)

In daily life bright colours are rather rare and the outfits are kept simple. As fashionistas we must protest against this attitude! That´s why we have chosen one of Marinas iconic outfits in yellow to show you how simple it is to embrace bright colours in your daily life. Furthermore, pure and bright colours were reserved for the nobility at that time and the colour yellow definitely fits into this category! Our outfit consists of yellow cargo pants with a flower print and a classy white blouse. At the end you only need sandals and our TRUDY bag, and that´s it! A simple look which is perfect for the office. For a look to go out at the evening, we have chosen a pretty dress for you. You can wear it on a perfect summer night.

1. Pants: Yellow pants with floral print from Pomelo
2. Blouse: Classy white blouse from Clara Himmel
3. Dress: Maxidress from Zimmermann viaShopbop
4. Shoes: Sandals from Matt&Nat
5. Bag: our TRUDY bag from Melina Bucher

Outfit 5: Simple & chic
Eloise exited to see news from LadyWhisteledown dressed to be presented to the Queen cutely styled with vegan and sustainable clothes

Ready to meet the Queen (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Maison de Mode, Jennifer Behr, Matt& Nat, Melina Bucher)

For all fashionistas who like to dress up simple but also chic, take Eloise presentation gown for inspiration. What do you think about a stylish dress with a loop? In addition, a pair of boots, a hairband, a bracelet and our INDY bag and the look is completed. This is the perfect combination to make a splendid impression on the queen

1. Dress: Dress with loop from Maison de Mode
2. Hairband: Hairband in vegan leather from Jennifer Behr
3. Shoes: Boots from Maison de Mode
4. Jewellery: Bracelet from Matt&Nat
5. Bag: Our INDY bag from Melina Bucher

We hope that you like our restyled looks and that you feel inspired. It´s always exciting to try new styles and to change your look. We wish you a lot of fun while trying the outfits and we can't wait to see the next season of Bridgerton!

Yours truly,
Lady Bucher

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