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THE MOST ICONIC OG GOSSIP GIRL LOOKS – Styled with vegan and sustainable items

Wakey wakey Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl is back. And we could not be more excited about what the reboot has in store for us. Launching on HBO Max on 8th of July, the reboot promises more secrets, more lies – and more fantastic fashion! As far as style goes, we are pretty sure it will be a feast again, as Eric Daman – who was defining the iconic looks of our favorite Constance students in the OG Gossip Girl – is once again the one responsible for the shows styling. To celebrate the launch of the new series, we wanted to reminisce the most iconic moments and looks from Queen B and S during the show. And reimagine them with sustainable and vegan options!

Disclaimer: We do not work with any affiliate links. All styles and brands are chosen by us according to our personal taste as well as their sustainability approach and efforts for the animals.

Look 1: S1E1 - Spotted at Grand Central Station

Imagine Melanie91 did not send that iconic photo of Serena van der Woodsen at Grand Central Station? The beginning of the drama and first welcome of Gossip Girl was surely a moment everyone remembers from the show. Serena took it comfortable while traveling with a dark pair of jeans, boots, a striped shirt and a leather biker jacket (something she combines often during the series). To give the look its classic Upper East Side note, it is finished with a cute little scarf around Serenas neck.

Serena van der Woodsen at Grand Central Station styled with vegan and sustainable clothing

Spotted at Grand Central, bags in hand: Serena van der Woodsen (© Design Melina Bucher, Gossip Girl and pictures courtesy of The CW, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

To restyle Serenas travel look, we chose two sustainable options of round neck striped shirts. The sleeveless option from Dai is ideal for a summer vacay, as it is made of breezy materials. Or you choose the long-sleeve version from Armed Angels made of organic cotton. Choosing Mud Jeans for a sustainable take on Serenas dark blue jeans was a no brainer as the brand is known for its especially eco-friendly dyeing options. To resemble S’ leather jacket, we opted for two options of vegan leather blazers from Nanushka, that give the look a bit more of a modern take. The style is complemented with vegan leather boots, a vegan belt and recycled scarf from Jan’n’June.

1. Shirt: Short Sleeve Striped Top from Dai, made in Portugal. Long sleeve from Armed Angels out of 100% organic cotton.
2. Jacket: Dark brown vegan leather tailored blazer or brick colored boxy vegan leather jacket. Both from Nanushka.
3. Jeans: Recycled Denim Mud Jeans, GOTS certified and PETA approved vegan.
4. Shoes: Slim fit black vegan leather over knee boots. If you prefer a little heel, go for the high luxury vegan boots. Both from vegan UK brand Beyond Skin.
5. Accessories: Vegan leather belt with golden details from Watson & Wolfe via Immaculate Vegan. Recycled polyester scarf styled around the neck from Jan'n June.

Look 2: Blairs iconic Constance looks

Worth a Queen: Blairs preppy takes on the Constance uniform were always both classic and high fashion at the same time. Her signature look: ruffle blouses combined with a classic blazer, skirts or shorts combined with bold tights. And some bold colored accessories to preppy up the look – headscarves are always a sure option!

Blair Waldorf Constance School outfits

Queen B is known for her preppy classic school looks with a playful twist. And don't miss out on headscarves! (© graphic design Melina Bucher, Gossip Girl and pictures courtesy of The CW, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

We combined a playful blouse with a classic blazer with golden staple hardware from Pinko. For a more casual take on Blairs look you can go with shorts, or you choose the very classic Amur skirt. For accessories we chose some of Blairs favorites: Red German Falke tights (which Mr. Bass so extra bought her by flying to Europe to say the three words) and a headband from Jennifer Behr who made many of the iconic headbands worn in the OG Gossip Girl series. Most of her pieces are made of silk, but we found this very cute (and Blair like) velvet cotton option!

1. Blazer: Classic Blazer with Golden Hardware from Pinko.
2. Blouse: Blair style ruffled blouse from St. Roche via Maison De Monde or bow-tie version out of Ramie from Zimmermann.
3. Shoes: Ballerinas with feminine bow detail Beyond Skin.
4. Bottoms: For a classical preppy look choose the organic cotton skirt from Amur. A more casual take is the organic cotton shorts from Sézane.
5. Accessories: Red velvet headscarf with crystal stones detail from Blairs favorite brand Jennifer Behr. Bold red tights from German brand Falke.

Look 3: Fancy x Casual Serena Style

S was the master of matching some fancy items with casual style elements, like glitter skirts or blazers with casual tees and shorts, or more boyish wests and jackets with gold elements and heels. In this look she paired a casual oversized denim tee with a sequin mini skirt and top. Paired with some timeless black pumps and a nude tote bag.

Serena Van der Woodsen date outfit

Serena always mastered combining fancy with casual and made it look effortlessly chic! (© Design Melina Bucher, Gossip Girl and pictures courtesy of The CW, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

1. Skirt: This skirt just screamed Mrs. Van der Woodsen! Made by Pinko.
2. Top: Striped organic cotton top from Armed Angels or off-white organic cotton short from German sustainable brand Lana for a more clean look.
3. Denim blouse: Casual denim tee from Pinko.
4. Heels: Timeless vegan leather high heels from Mink Shoes.
5. Handbag: Indy vegan tote bag in the colour nude from Melina Bucher (aka us). Can also worn crossbody!

Look 4: The White Party

Sometimes the stars align for two old friends to go together. But sometimes they align for two old flames to totally combust. Wonder what the sky holds for S tonight. Friendship. Or fireworks.

With the gorgeous outfit Serena chose for the memorable Hamptons white party in the season 2 pilot, we definitely vote for fireworks! She combined a summery white gown with golden accessories and I think we can all agree we sent this photo to our hairstylist at one point or another.

Serena at the Hamptons summer white party

Serena at the Hamptons summer white party. (© Design Melina Bucher, Gossip Girl and pictures courtesy of The CW, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

To resemble the Hamptons look, we went on the hunt for the perfect summery sexy yet comfortable white dress from Pinko paired with vegan golden sandals from Beyond skin. For accessories we decided to pair a silvery headband from Jennifer Behr with fine jewelry from Munich Designer Saskia Diez to resemble the dainty shimmery look from the series.

1. Dress: Summery fitted white dress from Pinko.
2. Shoes: Golden metallic sandals with heel from Beyond Skin. Made out of vegan leather.
3. Headband: Silvery fine crystal headband from series favorite Jennifer Behr. Pro Tip: combine two or three to resemble Serenas look even more!
4. Jewelry: Fine jewelry from German designer Saskia Diez. Our favorite options are the Fluid Lasso Necklace paired with the suitable earrings. We also love these flirty open fringe earrings
5. Accessories: The original look did not come with a handbag (S has always a man at her service). Our vegan clutch bag Trudy in the colour nude would be a perfect match!

Look 5: Double Identity Red Gown

Upper East Side Queens aren't born at the top. They climb their way up in heels, no matter who they have to tread on to do it.

Probably our all time fave look is the breath-taking red gown Blair wore in season 4’s “Double Identity” episode. Remembered for the train station meet-again between Chuck and Blair and her convincing Chuck to come back to New York, the outfit stood out both plot and style wise. Blair combined the bold red dress – originally from Oscar De La Renta – with even bolder pink accessories

Blair Waldorf wearing a red dress in season 4 dating a prince

Blair Waldorf in a gorgeous red gown on her way to save Chuck Bass (again). (© Design Melina Bucher, Gossip Girl and pictures courtesy of The CW, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

1. Dress: Ressort 2019 red gown from Flor et.al or vegan burgundy gown from Dalia Macphee.
2. Shoes: Statement pink heels from Beyond Skin. Made out of vegan leather.
3. Bag: Crystal bow clutch out of satin from Marchesa Notte via Farfetch.

We hope we were able to revive your memories on some of the most iconic looks of the show and you liked our take on them! Let us know in Instagram which look we missed out so we make sure to research a sustainable version for you. Until next time. Xoxo, the Melina Bucher team.

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