Your vegan and sustainable style guide to the absolute essentials of Taylor Swift looks

Your vegan and sustainable style guide to the absolute essentials of Taylor Swift looks

A few weeks ago, we took you on a musical and fashionable journey through time with the world's most successful female artist. And because you enjoyed the article on none other than Taylor Swift so much, we thought we'd continue the blog with a second part. Because like millions of fans worldwide, we believe that the chapter of one of the most influential and versatile female artists of our time is far from over. This time, we are devoting ourselves entirely to fashion and are therefore introducing you to the essentials from Taylor's wardrobe so that you can recreate her signature looks very easily - and of course vegan & sustainably.

If you've read our Taylor Swift Part 1, then you already know how changeable and versatile Taylor Swift is in both her music and her fashion style. Every era of Taylor Swift is characterized by a constant reinvention of the artist, both in terms of her albums and her looks. She is not only a pop icon, but also a true fashion icon. But alongside this incredible changeability, there are also a few fashion pieces that have accompanied her throughout her career and are as much a part of her look as the red lipstick that we can no longer imagine her without.

We want to show you these indispensable essentials that have always made up her iconic look. "Are you ready for it?"


True miniskirt magic

Despite all her reinventions over the years, one thing has always remained the same: Taylor Swift's attachment to the short classics, the mini skirts. The singer not only likes to wear them in her free time, but also on her Eras Tour in a wide variety of styles. Whether with glitter, pleats or made of knitwear - there are no limits to how you can wear them. And the best thing about mini skirts is that they are easy to style and can be worn with anything. They are an absolute must-have, especially for the coming summer, and you are sure to find your perfect favorite skirt among all the different styling options.

Shoes by Corail / Sweater by Nanushka / Bag by MELINA BUCHER / denim skirt by Nanushka / black skirt by ARMEDANGELS / beige skirt by ARMEDANGELS (f.l.t.r.)

We've picked out three styles from sustainable fashion brands that you can combine with all the tops in your closet without compromise. For example, you can choose a casual shirt or sweatshirt and wear classic white sneakers with it. With the PETA-vegan-certified TRUDY shoulder bag from MELINA BUCHER, you'll be perfectly equipped for a stroll through the city. You can even transform the bag into an elegant clutch for a visit to your favorite restaurant in the evening.


All-time knitwear chic

"We never go out of style", as Taylor Swift's song "Style" says. Ever since her album Folklore saw the light of day in 2020, Taylor Swift has been associated with cottagecore and all things cozy and comfy. A cardigan or casual sweater inevitably evokes memories of Taylor and can be worn almost anywhere. It's not unusual to see the singer with a casual knit over her shoulders, which lends her looks a timeless sophistication.

Sweater by JAN N June / shirt by ARMEDANGELS / bag by MELINA BUCHER / skirt by JAN N JUNE / shoes by PREV  (f.l.t.r.)

Jan 'n June, for example, conjures up timeless and minimalist knitwear that never goes out of fashion and can be stylishly combined all year round - whether as a warming companion or as a casual accessory that you can casually throw over your shoulders.

For the ultimate Swiftie look, you can combine the sweaters with a wide white shirt underneath and the matching brown apple leather ankle boots. The handmade, cognac-colored BAILEY bag made of MIRUM by MELINA BUCHER, which won the Vegan Fashion Award 2022, rounds off your look perfectly in terms of both color and style.


Glitter, glitter and more glitter

At no stage of her albums could Taylor Swift resist embellishing her outfits with glitter and glamor. A look at the outfits from her Eras Tour clearly shows that no look is complete without at least a touch of glitter. We also regularly see Taylor in a sparkling gown on the red carpet.

Trousers by GANNI / dress by GANNI / bag by MELINA BUCHER / shoes by PREV (f.l.t.r.)

That's why you don't have to skimp on sparkle for your Taylor Swift look, you can dress yourself generously in glitter during the day and at night and bring the sparkle in you to life. Whether you choose a top with glitter, a sequined dress or metallic pants from GANNI, as long as it sparkles, you're always on the right track. You can also go for sparkle when choosing shoes. The silver ankle boots made of vegan apple leather from PREV are definitely worth a look. Of course, a matching handbag to complete your look is also a must. The STELLA bag made from the 100% bio-based material MIRUM by MELINA BUCHER is guaranteed to add an extra dose of sophistication to any of your chosen outfits.


The latest album look

Based on Taylor Swift's latest and eleventh studio album "The Tortured Poets Department", on which she is clad in black nightwear, we can of course not do without black and sensual looks with lace elements and silk-embroidered lingerie. Her stylist Joseph Cassell revealed on Instagram that Taylor is wearing a black cami tank top and matching panties from Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen's brand "The Row" on the album cover.

Of course, you can also wear a black lingerie set consisting of a bralette and panties.

Bra by UNDERPROTECTION / bralette by erlich textil /  panty by coco malou (f.l.t.r.)

We understand that this is not necessarily suitable for everyday wear. For a little more fabric on the body, you can therefore combine a black maxi skirt and a transparent black blouse with lace, for example, which allows your seductive lingerie to gently shine through. The selected blouse from Reformation was even made from deadstock materials, i.e. surplus fabrics from clothing production that would otherwise become waste products. You can easily create a confident and exciting look that is perfect for the evening or special occasions.

Skirt by GANNI / bra by  UNDERPROTECTION / top by lanius (f.l.t.r.)

We would say that Taylor Swift's fashion style is inspiring proof that fashion can be an expression of identity, creativity and personality. It reflects her personal and artistic development, influences millions of fans worldwide and continues to set new trends. What she has always remained true to, however, is her choice of knitwear, mini skirts and an extra dose of glitter. These essentials ensure her unmistakable style, which ranges from glamorous stage costumes to her casual street styles and shows remarkable versatility and her infallible fashion sense. Her ability to tell stories with her clothes makes her not only a musical icon, but also a fashion icon.

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