CATLOVER Charity Collection

CATLOVER Charity Collection

Calling all animal lovers: Melina Bucher has released the CATLOVER Charity Collection. 10 Euro from every product sold goes directly to animal welfare.

The Covid pandemic has hit local animal welfare organisations and animal shelters hard. Not only did the pandemic lead to a decline in donations, meaning that organisations were unable to continue their vital work in saving animal lives. The illegal puppy trade is also booming due to the highly increased demand for puppies from people being bored or lonely during lockdowns. This resulted in more and more sick puppies that had to be housed in the local animal shelters and had to spend weeks to months in rabies quarantine. Looking towards the future, shelters fear that returning to everyday office life and being able to travel again will result in even more animals being released and given away.

To help alleviate this situation and aid said organisations, Melina Bucher designed the CATLOVER Charity Collection; with every item purchased, € 10 goes directly to local animal welfare organisations.

Melina Bucher founded her eponymous label in June 2018 and has since pursued her dream of a sustainable fashion world devoid of animal suffering. Since then, she has been developing products that make a bold statement - high-quality items, completely vegan and sustainably produced.

Over the past weeks, she has spoken to various animal welfare organisations fighting to save animal lives during the pandemic. The fact that loungewear is currently the main component of all wardrobes and daily outfits gave her the idea of developing a collection that not only brings joy to her costumers, but also pursues the corporate goal of an animal-friendly world of fashion. The CATLOVER sweatshirts and hoodies are PETA-approved and vegan. They are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton and recycled polyester and are embroidered on--site near Mannheim. Melina Bucher's meticulous design process follows the highest quality and ethical standards, creating products that are made to last.

Melina Bucher CATLOVER Charity Collection

Together with her customers, the company would like to help animal shelters so that they are not forgotten during this time. By buying a CATLOVER piece, animal lovers are not only doing something good for themselves, but also for their furry best friends.

Take a closer look at the collection!

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