Vegan luxury - How the label Melina Bucher combines high-end fashion and integrity

Sustainable, transparent and of the highest quality: The young female founder Melina Bucher creates handbags that unite ethics and aesthetics. Her eponymous label proves that textile manufacturing can be fair and transparent.

The fashion industry's established economic model of "wear and toss" has drastic ecological consequences. Waste-generating linear business models and overproduction leave an immense ecological footprint. The urgent environmental and social problems are more visible than ever. Complicated and non-transparent supply chains make it difficult for consumers to understand where and under what conditions the components of their clothing are produced. These shortcomings require a change in corporate thinking. Not only fast fashion brands, but also heritage designer brands need to take immediate action.

The German label Melina Bucher is rethinking luxury and already raises the bar. The brand produces handbags that set a statement - high-quality products, fully vegan and sustainable. Self-confidence, empowerment and environmental integrity are integral parts of the brands philosophy.

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As modern, female-led company we do not take any compromises. We are not afraid to push boundaries - and neither should you! I want to inspire customers to use their voice. Together, we can change the fashion world to be a transparent, ethical and inclusive place

Melina Bucher Campaign 2020

Durability, trans-seasonality and multifunctionality play a central role in the label’s exclusive collection. The three different bag models are characterized by a timeless, sustainable design. They are made of finest, vegan leather and organic cotton. The adhesives and dyes used are also free of animal components.

With her label, Melina Bucher commits to complete transparency and attaches great importance to traceable supply chains and a partnership network. The interactive transparency map on her website allows interested customers to inform themselves about the entire supply chain. The products made of innovative materials are handmade in selected European manufactories. To avoid long transport routes, the production of the bags is concentrated around the cotton fields of the Istanbul area.

Melina Bucher Campaign 2020

The Melina Bucher brand is redefining luxury: with its consistent emphasis on sustainability and transparency, it is already setting a mark. However, the innovative company aims to go one step further and launch the first fully circular bags made of plant-based leather on the market. Currently, an innovative, patented material is therefore being developed in collaboration with a promising US start-up. The implementation of a supply chain tracking system is also firmly in the pipeline. Using modern blockchain technologies, the value chain will be traceably recorded in the future. Via a chip integrated into the logo plate, the consumer can interact with the product and track the entire journey of the handbag. In addition, the label is prospectively pursuing a made-to-order approach with the help of 3D projects. In the online store, the products are thus made tangible for the consumer and only those are produced that are actually in demand.

Melina Bucher Campaign 2020

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