Dark, a touch of wickedness and a lot of glamour: the hype surrounding the new Mob Wife fashion trend

Dark, a touch of wickedness and a lot of glamour: the hype surrounding the new Mob Wife fashion trend


Bye bye clean girl, hello mafia chic or what is the best way to describe the new trend of the mob wife aesthetic in one word? Minimalism with subtle beige, delicate make-up and sleek buns was yesterday. The fashion zeitgeist has turned and 2024 is all about the mob wife aesthetic, which focuses on absolute maximalism that could hardly be more opulent and ostentatious.


The charm of this new fashion trend lies in its bold combination of elegance and edginess, which opens up a completely new perspective on luxury and ostentatious style. Anyone who has been on Instagram or TikTok in the past few days has certainly already discovered the mob wife trend, as it is currently going viral on social media.



After last year's dominant quiet luxury aesthetic, this year heavy gold jewelry, sensuous make-up and messy hairstyles are introducing a new era. In the new mob wife trend, leather is combined with animal prints, bold sunglasses and large designer handbags. This extravagance is finally wrapped up in voluminous animal furs, which we hoped would never appear again.


Not only social media is full of styling tutorials on the mob wife aesthetic, but stars such as Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber also show how to wear this pompous look with confidence today.


Kendall Jenner´s and Hailey Bieber´s mob wife look on Instagram.


TikTok styling tutorial on how to dress like a mob wife. 



The hyped trend goes back to the media influences from films and TV series of recent years and decades and is a tribute to film characters such as Lorraine Bracco in GoodFellas (1990), Sharon Stone in Casino (1995) or Jennifer Lawrence in American Hustle (2022), whose style is characterized by sinful luxury and extravagance. With their strong, self-confident characters, they have inspired a fashion movement that expresses individuality and self-determination.



There is no question that we women can wear this look with confidence. But does the meaning behind the trendy name mob wife still fulfill do us justice these days? We say a resounding no.


Mob comes from the word mobster, which is another name for the mafia. The mob wife thus refers to the style and appearance of women who are associated with mafia members or crimes. More specifically, it refers to a woman who is married to a man of secret machinations. She is expected to do nothing but accept it all and smile about it, never acknowledging what an abusive, greedy and selfish world she has married into.


This brings to light clichés and gender roles that people are trying hard to escape today. Women should not be described as wives who stand in the shadow of their husbands. We can abbreviate this message at this point, as we are surely in agreement that we need to get rid of these stereotypical roles today. Nobody really needs the old role models anymore, which is why at least the name of the new trend seems to us to be in need of improvement.


And don't we also think that the fur obsession, which seems so necessary with this trend, can definitely be settled with a fake fur model? In 2024, we will not only be more enlightened about old gender stereotypes, but also about animal welfare and sustainability.



Self-confidence is key and the mob wife trend provides the perfect backdrop to showcase your inner strength. Here are some elements you can use to weave thoughtful statements into your everyday look or to indulge in full mob wife glam: 

© Design Melina Bucher, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below.


LOOK 1: Vegan fake-fur-coat by ESSENTIEL ANTWERP / dress by HELSA / shoes by Urbanima

LOOK 2:  Vegan fake-fur-coat by &OtherStories / dress by GANNI / shoes by BLOOM

LOOK 3:  Vegan fake-fur-coat by ESSENTIEL ANTWERP / roll-neck shirt by ARMEDANGELS / skirt by GANNI / shoes by PIFERI


Decadent, vegan fur coat

Understated and restrained is a thing of the past. The mob wife trend challenges glamour and nothing adds more drama to your look than a vegan fur coat.


We are clearly committed to veganism, because the truth about animal husbandry in fur farms is more than cruel. Animals are bred specifically for the fur industry under the worst possible conditions and are sometimes skinned alive. And let's not even get started on the environmentally harmful chemicals used in the processing of fur to prevent it from decomposing – so let's keep our hands off it!


Thanks to the tireless work of animal rights activists in recent years, the issue of the fur industry is on the political agenda more present than ever. Last year, California became the first US state to ban the sale of animal fur products. And in the EU, the European Citizens' Initiative is actively campaigning for a fur-free Europe, forcing the European Commission to take action. Of course, we also use the faux fur alternatives, that are at least as fashionable as real animal fur.


While conventional synthetic fur coats are made of polyester and are therefore also problematic for the environment, BioFluff and ECOPEL have just launched a revolutionary invention: the first plant-based fur that not only protects animals, but also our environment.


Animal print and leather look

Whether pants, skirt or dress - the mob wife trend declares animal print and leather looks to be the ultimate must-haves that add a touch of seductive sophistication to any wardrobe. If you want to play it safe, opt for the combination with a black turtleneck sweater. The eye-catching accessories will provide the necessary dose of glamor.


Heels, heels, heels

The key pieces of the trend are shoes with heels. There are no limits to the shape and color – the main thing is that they have heels!


Luxuriant accessories

Make your look even more opulent with a matching large designer bag, heavy gold jewelry and statement sunglasses that will turn your mob wife outfit into a real eye-catcher.


© Design Melina Bucher, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below. 

Vegan handbag STELLA by MELINA BUCHER / vegan card holder OLIVIA by MELINA BUCHER / sunglasses by nordgreen / tights by saint sass / ring by MARA PARIS / lipgloss by gitti / earrings by MARA PARIS



Mob wives are known for their intense and seductive make-up. Start witha high-quality foundation to conjure up a flawless skin that radiates pure elegance. To give your face the right contour, use contouring and highlighting for cheekbones, jawline and nose. 


For eye, make-up you can opt for dark, framing kohl or eyeliner that add a touch of drama and sophistication to your look. Smokey eyes, framed by strong and defined eyebrows, are of course the absolute go-to. You can finish your make-up with a lip liner and a statement lip color such as a classic or berry red. The look ultimately reveals the inimitable combination of classic beauty and modern glamour, perfectly showcasing a flawless skin, radiant eyes and seductive lips.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating drama of the mob wife style and make a statement that knows no bounds. Boldly combine leather with animal prints and wrap yourself in opulent faux fur. The mob wife style is more than just fashion - it is an invitation to self-expression and a tribute to bold femininity. So are you ready to turn heads and fill the world with the majestic power of femininity? After all, we women have nothing and no one to hide from.


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