Our Favorite Looks from Emily in Paris - Vegan and Sustainably Styled

Emily in the city of love and fashion. We all know the Netflix series Emily in Paris. Despite its ups and downs as well as criticism, it simply offers a lot of inspiration for us fashionistas. The outfits of Lily Collins and her co-stars have been highly anticipated! Finally the wait is over and the new season is out! Obviously, we have looked through the new episodes - of course just for you - in one go. And maybe a second time. As always, her outfits are loud, often a bit of a mess, and maybe even a bit chaotic. But they perfectly fit her character as well as the situations. We love them and will use them as inspiration to style and recreate them. We are looking forward to this second season of the fashion series and its outfits and show you vegan and sustainable alternatives.

Outfit 1: Typical Emily Dipped in Green and Pink
Emily with a bold combination of green and pink styled with vegan and sustainable clothing

A bold combination of green and pink (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Jakke, Nanushka, Pinko, 1 People)

Let's get right into the first episode! Emily is dressed in green and pink accents, a risky combination. Are we going to try it out? Of course! Green was the trend color in 2021 and that's exactly why we love this look. We need the colors right now! A patterned green skirt and green accessories to match. To elevate the outfit while still keeping it tonal, she wears a pink and green lined polo shirt and a bright green matching oversized shirt. And the look is ready! What would make this outfit even better? Of course, if you could recreate it in a vegan and sustainable way. We have the solution for you!

1. Blazer: Oversize cut and plain in a beautiful shade of green from Jakke
2. Shirt: Long sleeve shirt (unisex) from Nanushka
3. Skirt: Green patterned mini skirt from Pinko
4. Shoes: Black heels from 1 People

Outfit 2: Eye Catcher in Blue
Emily with a fancy blue dress styled with vegan and sustainable clothing

A fancy blue dress to catch the eye (© Design Melina Bucher, product images from Alice and Olivia, Shopbob, Tal Dress, Beyond Skin)

We all know Saint Tropez for its parties and breathtaking atmosphere. But what do Emily and her friends experience? We won't tell you, of course, but we will tell you our favorite outfit of her in Saint Tropez. A dress in the beautiful color periwinkle with a rather rarely seen cut at the moment - a mullet. In addition, a larger neckline and many ruffles. Brave, but it has something! In addition, large sunglasses and high heels. The eye-catcher remains the dress! We have found several alternatives for every occasion and of course without any animal components.

1. Dress: An eye-catcher in a royal blue tone for a more evening occasion from Alice and Olivia or what about a maxi dress for the beach from Shopbob. For everyday life we have of course also something, from Tal Dress
2. Shoes: High heels with peep toe from Beyond Skin

Outfit 3: Chaos with Style
Emily with a brave pattern mix styled with vegan and sustainable clothing

Brave pattern mix but still stylish (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Everlane, Cider, Noize, Sylven New York)

Not everyone can mix different patterns and still wear it with confidence and style, but Emily Cooper gets it done! She mixes red and green, risqué, but why not? Whether hearts, lines or plaids combined in one look, the end result is a cool look. So let's give it a try – but only vegan please!

1. Shirt: Longsleeve red-white lined from Everlane
2. Skirt: White with heart pattern from Cider
3. Blazer: Green plaid blazer with a slight boxyfit from Noize
4. Boots: Apple leather ankle boots from Sylven New York

Outfit 4: Pastel Yellow of the best Kind
Emily with a pastel yellow dress styled with vegan and sustainable clothing

Pastel yellow and also sustainable (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Self-Portrait, Casetify)

We've saved the highlight for the end! Who hasn't fallen in love with the pastel yellow short dress from Emily? Strapless and with lots of individual details and pockets! We didn't just pick out something similar for you, but the exact dress! And you know what? It is made entirely of organic cotton! I guess Emily Cooper was paying attention to our environment too and we love this look just the way it is, vegan and sustainable!

1. Dress: Mini dress in pastel yellow from Self-Portrait
2. Phone Case: In the look of a camera Casetify

We all know that our outfits and our style always reflect ourselves and we should always stand behind it! And yet it is always fun to try out something new and experiment with our outfits! So have the confidence and have fun! But stay yourselves.

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