THE HOTTEST VINTAGE LOOKS FOR SUMMER – styled sustainably and vegan-friendly

Translated by Celina Heppner

Vintage lovers – watch out! You don’t have to rummage through your grandma’s closet in order to restyle iconic looks from bygone eras. We will prove to you why the looks from back in the day don’t have to gather dust up in the attic.

Outdated? No way! Over the top? We don’t think so!

Classy business looks as well as casual leisure wear with a retro touch may be worn today without looking out of date. On the contrary! Fashion trends – be it colors or cuts - repeat themselves on a regular basis. The retro collections of major brands are a great proof of that. As vintage looks are a testament to timeless elegance, we think it’s worth to invest in sustainable and vegan alternatives, you can stick to no matter what! Therefore, in this article, we present to you three seductive vintage looks for the summer including possible occasions you can wear them to – vegan and sustainable, but we assume this goes without saying!

Disclaimer: We do not work with any affiliate links. All styles and brands are chosen by us according to our personal taste as well as their sustainability approach and efforts for the animals.

Look 1:Heated Business

Marilyn knew how to wear a casual business look in summer without being [looking] too buttoned up and getting sweaty. We adore this combination of professional confidence and simple elegance which will attract attention at business meetings, as well as on relaxed city walks. Unlike cotton blouses, the fabric of the beige satin blouse by Nanushka clings less to the skin and thus provides refreshing air circulation. Additionally, the sleeves can be rolled up and a few buttons can be undone - ideal for strolling around town after a meeting! Marilyn's skirt perfectly showcases her curves and falls loose towards the knees. With Armed Angels' sustainable alternative, you'll not only accentuate your hips perfectly, but also go easy on the environment: the innovative Lenzing EcoVero fabric made of European wood causes only half of the water consumption, CO2 emissions and energy consumption conventional fibers do. The look can be topped off with beige vegan pumps by Mink Shoes and a classic black handbag.

Summer vintage look sustainable vegan Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe in a casual business look (© Design Melina Bucher, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

Styling tip: The timeless and classic design of our eco-friendly Indy Tote Bag goes perfectly with Marilyn’s Casual Business Look. Due to three practical interior compartments and a removable pouchette, the Indy vegan tote bag will be your faithful business companion. It easily accommodates your laptop - up to 13 inches in size. An absolute must-have for girl bosses who want to be prepared from day to night!

1. Blouse: Satin blouse made out of cellulose-based fibers from Nanushka
2. Skirt: light grey skirt from Armed Angels
3. Shoes: vegan heels in the colour nude from Mink
4. Handbag: Indy vegan tote bag in the colour black from Melina Bucher

Look 2: Pink Picnic

It is almost impossible to talk about the playful fashion of the swinging sixties without mentioning Twiggy. Thanks to her extraordinary looks and her portrayal of almost every 60s trend, the supermodel was the poster child of her era. With her outrageous outfits, her sassy pixie cut and signature graphic liner look, Twiggy embodied the fashion industry like no other. This iconic look in bold pink definitely evokes summer feelings! The sustainable version of Twiggy’s dress (Stella McCartney) can be worn at casual get-togethers, such as relaxed picnics in the park. Combined with silver sandals and eye-catching statement earrings, attention is guaranteed.

Twiggy in a bold pink dress

Twiggy wears a bold pink dress and combines some striking silver accessories with it (© graphic design Melina Bucher, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

Styling tip: The black version of our roomy Angel shopper made of vegan leather is ideal for a picnic as it fits all your snacks as well as a picnic blanket. If you want to wear the dress fitted, the black vegan Trudy Clutch is perfect for that. The additional shoulder belt allows you to wear the clutch as a fashionable fanny pack and thus draw attention to your waistline.

1. Dress: bold pink dress made out of sustainable rayon from Stella McCartney
2. Shoes: Silver sandals made out of vegan leather from Beyond Skin
3. Earrings: Statement Earrings made out of recycled silver from Made Trade
4. Handbag: Accentuate your waistline with the black version of the Trudy clutch or size up for a picnic with the black version of the vegan Angel shopper

Look 3: Blue Summer Nights

Twiggy’s blue knitted dress is the perfect fit for date nights as well as laid-back walks along the promenade. The dress is a genuine eye-catcher on balmy summer nights. Pinko's sustainable blue classic can be combined with black vegan leather loafers.

Twiggy in blue knitted dress


Twiggy spots a very sixties style in a blue knitted dress (© Design Melina Bucher, pictures of fashion items courtesy of brands below)

Styling tip: The vegan Trudy clutch can be worn either over the shoulder or cross-body to perfectly complete the look. The clutch fits everything you need for a romantic date night, such as your wallet and lipstick.

1. Dress: Blue knitted dress from Pinko
2. Shoes: black vegan loafers from Beyond Skin
3. Handbag: Finish off the look with the vegan Trudy clutch in the colour black from Melina Bucher

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