Your vegan and sustainable style guide for a Beyoncé-inspired country look

Your vegan and sustainable style guide for a Beyoncé-inspired country look

In case you missed it... Beyoncé's eighth studio album "Cowboy Carter" was released on March 29 this year. And like everything Beyoncé touches, this album is also a complete success. Just one week after its release, the album went straight to number one in the official German album charts. The single "Texas Hold'em" even catapulted to number one in the Hot 100 Spotify charts before the official release. Isn't that crazy? Queen B is making history as the first black woman to top the US country album charts, once again setting new standards in the music industry.

However, it's not just her music that is steeped in history, but also her iconic outfits, which we want to pay attention to in this blog post. Queen Beyoncé has always stood out with lots of glitter, bright colors, bold patterns and spectacular looks that always inspire us anew. And it's not just her look that inspires us, but above all the Queen B attitude with which she wears her outfits so confidently. In addition to her album, the country style also permeates her fashion. On her Instagram profile, she shares her breathtaking country looks with us, which range from seductive leather with fringes to casual denim looks and glamorous all-over glitter. Not forgetting the cowboy hats and cowboy boots as signature pieces that she cleverly incorporates into her looks. It almost seems as if she could turn every one of her appearances into a legendary fashion event.

This has finally prompted us to jump on the country bandwagon and introduce you to the absolute key pieces of the western look. We're focusing on an interpretation of the cowgirl look with vegan and sustainable garments that will make you look stunning with a clear conscience. So let's gallop through the country prairie together and discover the best vegan and sustainable styles.


Denim, Denim, Denim

Whether you're looking for a corset, crop top or collared shirt, these denims are inspired by the country look without screaming 'yeehaw' too much. The modern cuts and the necessary glitter ensure that they feel edgy and modern and that you can easily integrate them into your everyday look.

Tops (f.l.t.r.) by cult gaia, MUD Jeans, GANNI


Country Cool: Pants & Skirts

If you want to get in on the western trend but don't want to wear real chaps (which is understandable), then we have the perfect solution for you. Go for thoughtfully placed metal inserts, ornate embroidery and sophisticated cut-outs to create an authentic look that you can make a little more simple or glamorous to suit your taste.

Bottoms (f.l.t.r.) by MUD Jeans, WOLF&BADGER, MUD JeansWOLF&BADGER


Must-Haves: Cowboyboots

Cowboy boots are of course an absolute must-have for a western look. Whether in classic brown, elegant black or eye-catching metallic - the choice is entirely up to you. The best thing about them: all boots are vegan and made from innovative next-gen materials such as apple leather or cork. So you can not only wear country chic on the street, but also on your next trip through Texas without compromise.

Boots (f.l.t.r.) by BohemaA Perfect Jane, PREV, Good Guys Don´t Wear Leather

By the way... du you remember that even Ken (from Barbie) wears vegan western boots with his cowboy look? In the movie ‘Barbie’, Ryan Gosling opted for the white model from the brand "Good Guys Don´t Wear Leather".


The best country outerwear

Why opt for a standard denim jacket when there are these progressive styles with sparkling trim or elegant fringing? For those who like things a little more understated, the cream-colored denim overshirt from HELSA Studios is just the ticket. This shirt definitely offers enough scope to get really creative with accessories. Those who like to go all-in can opt for the rhinestone-studded denim blazer from GANNI. Nowadays there are several fashion labels that make their leather products from vegan leather. However, it can be difficult if you are looking for leather that is not only vegan but also plastic-free. Unfortunately, we have so far searched in vain for a vegan and plastic-free leather jacket with fringes. However, we hope that we will soon be able to present you with such alternatives from the fashion world.

 Outerwear (f.l.t.r.) GANNI, HELSA, Liu Jo, DEADWOOD Studios


Country accessories

Of course, the perfect country look can't be complete without a cowboy hat, which will transform you into a real cowgirl in no time at all. Among other things, we have linked some that are made from natural cork and mycelium, a mushroom leather, instead of animal fibers. Complete your look with other matching accessories such as a belt and sunglasses to give it that extra country chic touch. And of course, don't forget a handbag. The STELLA bag from MELINA BUCHER, made from 100% bio-based and plastic-free vegan MIRUM, is the perfect finishing touch to your look.






 Accessories (f.l.t.r.): Bag by MELINA BUCHER, sun glasses by dezi, belt by Nanushka, cowboy hats by Nick Fouguet, Avocado Store, Jacquemus 


With these key pieces, you can express the adventurous spirit of the Wild West and give your wardrobe a country girl upgrade. With the right combination of classic elements such as cowboy boots and cowboy hats as well as modern accents such as glittering details and innovative materials, you can create a distinctive western look that is contemporary yet nostalgic.

And coming back to Beyoncé's country look... We think it's a fascinating example of her ability to break genre boundaries and cleverly combine different style elements. With her unique flair and unmistakable charisma, she adds a new, modern dimension to the traditional country look. Her appearance in these outfits radiates self-confidence and style, while at the same time underlining her artistic versatility. Beyoncé proves once again that she is not only an outstanding musician, but also an inspiring fashion icon.


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