Why choose BAILEY?

BAILEY is the handbag powered by nature. It is made of all natural and 100% biobased Mirum®. No petroleum or cruelty are involved - good for you, the animals and the environment!

Vegan for
the animals

Sustainably made
with MIRUM®

in Spain

Made for strong

Melina Bucher in the media

Pioneers of vegan luxury: the new generation of Melina Bucher vegan handbags is made of 100% bio-based and plastic-free vegan leather

December 2021

Highest quality, sustainability through innovation, and exclusive design are the distinguishing features of the German-based label.

November 2021

Melina Bucher Launches Designer Handbags Made From Mirum Plastic-Free Vegan Leather

November 2021

Melina Bucher is a female led, luxury bag brand that was made for unapologetically strong women.

May 2021

Sustainable Bags: here you can find your favourite design.

April 2021

Exquisite, made-to-last a lifetime bags.

December 2020