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Extensive Research

Extensive research on new material innovations is one of our core business activities. Before launching our first handbag collection we tested around 30 different vegan leathers until we found the perfect combination of sensory pleasure, durability and performance. But we are eager to constantly reinvent ourselves, researching the newest developments in material technology and sustainability. We are continuously testing out new vegan material innovations from both long-time experienced companies and promising startups. To get a more scientific point of view, we are collaborating with the textile and design faculty of the university in Reutlingen, Germany. There, we get the latest scientific insights, but can also test out material properties. This way, we ensure that you only get the best of the best – innovative, highly durable materials of exceptional quality.


Design Process

We design all our handbags with meticulous attention to detail in our design atelier in Germany together with experienced product designers. Our thorough developing process includes various prototyping stages to ensure highest quality in design, details and processing. We build multiple prototypes in Germany until every design detail is perfect, before sending them out to our artisan craftsmen in Europe. They themselves suggest finishing optimizations. This process allows us to minimize transports and CO2 emissions. In accordance to our design philosophy, we are focusing on a few, carefully considered key pieces that outgrow seasons. Our developing process takes much longer than usual in the fashion industry, but for us it is inevitable to meet our quality standards.


Finest Materials

GOTS organic cotton

For our lining and accessories, we use GOTS certified organic cotton. Organic cotton is more expensive than conventional one, but on average only needs a fraction of water and energy compared to conventional cotton. GOTS also ensures that no pesticides and chemicals were used in the production process. A quality difference you can feel.

vegan leather

We are particularly keen to change the perception of leather as a luxury good. In fact, leather is a byproduct of the meat industry and is mostly processed with many harmful chemicals to get the product you are used to. In contrast, our material was developed for the automotive industry in long-year processes, what makes it a more expensive product. It is a material with science behind it: It consists of different, carefully considered layers. Our performance fabric is highly durable, yet soft to touch. It is backed with a cotton fabric and has a protective surface, which makes it scratch, water and stain resistant.


Signature Print Designs

We do not use colors and printings off the shelf. Instead, we created our own signature print-designs. They are imprinted on our organic cotton in specialized digital laboratories with animal-free, plant-based color dyes. Digital printing ensures that we only imprint the quantities we need and minimize ink usage and waste fabrics. It also gives us flexibility to design more fun, different products for you.


Certified Production

We believe that only honest craftsmanship leads to exceptional quality. Melina Bucher only works with the best artisan craftsmen in Europe, handcrafting our products with perfection in every detail. Because we only work with small, highly experienced manufactories, they are naturally also GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified. But because certifications do not always hold what they are promising, we are in constant exchange with our future-minded manufacturers to further improve environmental and social standards. We think that the fashion industry needs more transparency – you can therefore check every step of our value chain at our transparency map.


Perfect Details

Details make the difference between the ordinary and the exceptional. Our handbags come with double padded handles to ensure highest comfort. Their outer design is made seamless – coming from our design aesthetics, we use a lot of invisible seams which need extra work steps, but give the certain something you search in a high-end bag.


Close Collaboration

We are on a mission to make the fashion world a cruelty-free, more sustainable place. And we know that changing long-time established processes demands a lot from our manufacturers. We are therefore intensively working together with them to make sure that every color dye and glue used is animal-free and environmentally friendly. We establish long-time relationships and are happy to work with small, future-minded businesses who want to grow with us. With our craftsmen, we are in constant dialogue about the newest trends and innovations. We are also collaborating with startups who develop vegan materials to test their products in early stages and give feedback – and we are truly loving that!

Only our meticulous
design process leads to
exceptional quality
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