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Material Sourcing

We source our materials as close nearby as possible, to shorten transport-links and thereby CO2 emissions. Our vegan leather as well as our GOTS certified organic cotton are both sourced in Istanbul, Turkey, close nearby our manufactories. Extensive research on new material innovations is one of our core business activities. We are constantly reinventing ourselves, trying out the newest performance fabrics combining technology and sustainability.


Vegan Premium Leather

Sustainability and compassion are core values for Melina Bucher. You will never find an animal-derived material in our handbags. Besides the ethical aspect, leather is a non-synthetic product and therefore often perceived as sustainable. But in fact, animal agriculture is one of the main contributors to climate change. To make the skin of animals last over a long period of time and prevent it from rotting, it is mostly processed with many harmful chemicals which are then often released in the groundwater and pollute the environment. Because of the tanning processes, leather is also not easily biodegradable.

In contrast, our material was developed for the automotive industry in long-year processes, what makes it an advanced product. It is a material with science behind it: it consists of different, carefully considered layers. Our performance fabric is highly durable, yet soft to touch. It is backed with a cotton fabric and has a protective PU and vinyl surface, which makes it scratch, water and stain resistant.


GOTS Certified Cotton

For the lining of our handbags, we use natural GOTS certified organic cotton with a satiny finish. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile standard for organic fibers, ensuring ecological and social criteria to be met through the entire textile supply chain. Organic cotton is more expensive than conventional one, but on average only needs a fraction of water and energy compared to conventional production. GOTS also ensures that no pesticides and chemicals are used in the production process. A quality difference you can feel.


Certified Production

We believe that only honest craftsmanship leads to exceptional quality. Melina Bucher only works with the best artisan craftsmen in Europe, handcrafting our products with perfection in every detail. Because we only work with small, highly experienced manufaturies, they are naturally also GOTS and Oeko-Tex certified. But because certifications do not always hold what they are promising, we are in constant exchange with our future-minded manufacturers to further improve environmental and social standards.


Fair Working Conditions

Melina Bucher only works with small family-owned businesses in Europe, who share our values of quality and transparency. We extensively work together to optimize products and constantly share ideas on how to further enhance sustainability in materials and business practices. They are equal business partners, who we trust and who share our mission to maintain European craftsmanship.


Upcycling Dust Bags

Melina Bucher dust bags are something special. They are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and imprinted with our signature animal prints matching the inner lining of our handbags. We love a good packaging and dust bags are perfect to keep your bag safe. Because we are all about sustainability, we thought about how to give them a second life once your new Melina Bucher bag was unwrapped. We therefore gave them handles and designed them as additional shopping bag. So you can wear your favorite animal print for grocery shopping.


Durable Handbags

Sustainability goes hand in hand with durability: The longer you can enjoy your beautiful designer bag, the lower the environmental impact. Melina Bucher handbags are designed with outmost attention to long lifecycles: They follow a timeless design aesthetics to outgrow fashion seasons. All our bags are handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. We use highly durable fabrics and our vegan performance leather is water and stain resistant. This thorough development process leads to exceptional quality handbags which are made to last.


Green Packaging

We do not stop our sustainability engagement at the products. All our marketing materials are produced in Germany in a zero emission production, which is just as passionate about sustainability as we are. They only use renewable energy. The used papers are 100% recycled and free from animal ingredients and imprinted with vegan colors based on plant oil (believe us – this was not easy to find!). Also, for every order, they plant one tree as part of the trillion trees campaign, which we think is just great. For our packaging, we use paper based boxes and paper tape with vegan glues. All our packages are shipped to you with climate neutral shipping.



Our mission is to find a fully plant-based, biodegradable material having the same performance properties you are loving on our handbags. Therefore, we are collaborating with the textile and design faculty of the university in Reutlingen, Germany. There, we get the latest scientific insights, but can also test out material properties. We want to ensure that you only get the best of the best – innovative, highly durable materials of exceptional quality.

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