Vegan Luxury

Compassion to the core

Vegan Luxury

Melina Bucher is the brand where aesthetics meets empathy. We love animals and believe that they are not worth less – they all have different personalities, share love and have families. We think that people have no right to harm them in any way. We are on a mission - a mission, to rethink luxury and promote a modern, cruelty-free lifestyle.


Vegan Handbags

We love animals. Right from the start, it was inevitable for us that our handbags would not include any animal byproducts. Hence, we are not only using vegan leather, but also adhesives, color dyes, and accessories without animal ingredients – because we love our fur babies. For our engagement we received the PETA approved vegan and cruelty-free certification for all our handbags.

At the moment, the leather industry uses many bad toxins to make the skin of cows or other animals last over a long period and prevent it from rotting (so called “tanning“ processes), which are then often released in the groundwater in poor regions of the world and pollute the environment. In addition, raising and killing animals is one of the main contributors to climate change. We think that using leather is both cruel and unnecessary. Today, we have far more innovative fabrics which we can use to design handbags of exceptional quality– they are not only less harmful for the environment but also have a better performance, and are simply the better choice for conscious consumers.


Vegan Company

We truly care about the well-being of animals. Besides the product themselves, we use animal-free products in our company whenever possible. Did you know that animal derived ingredients are used to produce paper? Or that the typical business cards are not considered vegan? A lot of our time and research goes into finding products for our office which are animal-free. We already work with recycled vegan paper and all our printing products are produced animal friendly in a CO2 emission free German facility. We only use paper-based boxes and tape with animal-free glue for our packaging. All of these processes are more expensive than usual ones – but it is a matter of our heart.


Animal Welfare

To really contribute something positive, Melina Bucher spends a portion of every sale to animal welfare. We are not working with big names here which push marketing, but with small sanctuaries and organizations spending every cent for the animals. With purchasing a Melina Bucher handbag, you not only treat yourself but save farm animals from being killed and rescue animals to get a better life. The best part of our business.

PS: this baby chicken called Stella was adopted by our team in April 2020 and was the inspiration for our STELLA bag.

Get to know our favorite pets

The inspiration for our
signature animal prints


The Trudy clutch bag is named after the hamster of Melina’s bestie Kim. Trudy was more than a hamster, she was a wonderful friend. Every evening, Trudy would climb onto Kim’s hands and scramble around the entire apartment. After a few hours, she came back to get her daily dose of cuddles. She was the most confident, cheeky little hamster. Her favorite food were sunflowers, which is why we made the inside color of the Trudy bag yellow. The bag is little, just like Trudy, but they both are a ball of fun!


The Indy handle bag is named after Melina’s cat, a gorgeous sacred birman. He is an extraordinary beauty. However, that’s not the only reason why we named our bag after him, but also because of his very special story. Indy got ill aged 4 years only. He could not move his hind legs, after a few steps only he needed to rest. No jumping, no climbing, no playing. But Indy is a fighter and after weeks of doctor visits and cuddles, he finally got better. This bag is for all the strong women, no matter what they are going through. We hope to make you smile every time you carry your bag or throw something inside and see our Indy print.


The Angel shopper bag is dedicated to Melina’s dog from back when she was a little girl. They grew up together like siblings. Angel was a kind, happy dog - always making people laugh. Her favorite activity was playing with a soft frisbee and going for long walks. That’s why we named this bag after her: The Angel bag is made for a long day full of surprises, carrying everything you need.