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The value chain of your bag in detail


Creative design

We develop all our designs with meticulous attention to detail in our design studio in Germany. Here, our founders work closely with freelance fashion designers to bring you the best and most innovative vegan accessories on the market. We also enjoy cuddles with our office dog BAILEY and vegan lunch breaks.

Vegan leather production

MIRUM® production (USA)

Natural Fiber Welding is a biotech company based in Peoria, which uses revolutionary novel technologies for bonding, mixing, and forming plant-based inputs into sustainable, high-performance materials for the circular economy. Their innovative next-gen material MIRUM® is 100% bio-based and contains zero plastics. The vegan leather of the future.

Natural rubber (Thailand)

The rubber contained in MIRUM® is sourced sustainably from FSC certified plantations in Thailand.

Cotton (USA)

The backer material for the MIRUM® vegan leather is made of cotton grown and spun in California. Right now, we are working with Natural Fiber Welding on a custom MIRUM® material made with an organic cotton or Tencel backer material for 2023.

Natural oils and waxes (USA)

The MIRUM® vegan leather formula also contains vegetable oils and waxes, sourced as locally as possible from Iowa and Massachussets.

Mineral pigments (USA)

MIRUM® vegan leather is manufactured without using any synthetic ingredients – meaning no synthetic dyes either! Natural pigments and minerals include biomass charcoal from Arizona for the black MIRUM®and red and yellow mineral pigments from lllinois for the beige MIRUM®.

Other components

Metal accessories (Spain)

Our metal accessories are custom made in our own designs by Antonio in Alicante, who has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing for prestigious design houses. The metal accessories are gold-plated for an extra shiny finish.

Cotton lining (Spain)

Our lining comes from a Spanish manufactory in Alicante specialized in vegan leathers and recycled as well as vegan certified fabrics. The specific lining we use contains 20% pre-consumer recycled cotton from garment waste and is certified by the Global Recycling Standard.

Leather Stitching Thread (Germany)

Finding a sustainable leather stitching thread was a real challenge, as natural fibers are not suitable for leather applications. After months of research, we found a production facility in Germany making a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified® stitching thread.


Handbag assembly (Spain)

Here is where the magic happens! Our design team closely works with Antonio and Eusebio from Ubrique, who have decades of experience in manufacturing the most prestigious designer handbags. Every step in the handbag production process is handcrafted – a quality you can feel.

Paper and packaging

Print products (Germany)

As Melina Bucher considers itself a vegan company, we only use animal-friendly and sustainable materials for our packaging. All our print products are locally produced in Germany in a zero-emission facility using waste heat from printing processes and solar energy. Our printing partner is Blauer Engel certified and the printing products we use are made of recycled materials and vegan certified.

Magnet cardboard boxes (Belgium)

The manufacturer of our exclusive cardboard boxes in Villers-La-Ville was established in 1988 and is specialized in luxury packaging in small quantities.

Outer cartons (Germany)

Our shipping boxes are made in Spremberg out of recycled paper.

Padding mats made of cardboard (Germany)

Padding mats made of corrugated cardboard are used for cushioning your bag and filling cavities in the shipping carton. The cardboard is 100% recycled.

Tape (Germany)

The tape we use to safely close the outer cartons is paper-based with vegan glue - no plastics included!


Document pouches (Germany)

The document pouches for delivery notes, invoices and other customs documents for international shipments are made of paper and fully recyclable. Whenever possible we omit the documents and pouches and instead submit digital documentation to the customs.

Worldwide shipping (Germany)

Your handbag is sent to you from our office in Germany with CO2 compensated shipping (DHL GoGreen).

Your bag's history

June 13, 2022

Out for delivery!

April 22, 2022

Vegan tape for packaging purposes has been delivered to our office in Germany.

April 22, 2022

Document pouches for customs documentation have been delivered to our office in Germany.

Feb 25, 2022

Padding mats for packaging purposes have been delivered to our office in Germany.

Feb 23, 2022

Outer cartons for shipping have been delivered to our office in Germany.

Jan 25, 2022

Metal accessories for your bag have been delivered to Ubrique, Spain.


Magnet cardboard boxes for packaging have been delivered to our office in Germany.


MIRUM® used in the production of your bag has been delivered to Ubrique, Spain.