MONEY MOVES – Campaign 2024

Breaking Boardroom Biases in Style – a Campaign that Challenges the Status Quo

At a time when women hold only 28% of all management positions globally and only 2% of venture capital funding goes to female-founded startups (1), it is time to take a stand. And we are doing this in the way we do it best at MELINA BUCHER - namely with the new "MONEY MOVES" campaign, which is challenging the status quo.


Turning the Tables on Traditional Roles

Our new campaign rejects traditional role models and aims to break down the well-known clichés of gender roles with its humorous reversal. In the new collection, MELINA BUCHER deliberately plays with the images of a strong, independent woman who overcomes the inequalities she is faced in her professional environment every day.


Accessories for a future

The focus of the new "MONEY MOVES" collection is on high-quality accessories such as wallets, card cases and laptop bags, which are designed for fashion-conscious and self-determined individuals. Because the individual pieces in the collection express nothing else: Each accessory combines elegance, functionality and the expression of self-determination – always under the claim of sustainable, vegan leather.



Yes, we too could hardly wait to expand our product range to include small leather goods, because what could be better than storing all our plastic cards in a vegan and plastic-free card case and showing them how beautiful plastic-free accessories can look.


Sustainable luxury  

Our award-winning Bailey has been joined by other products of the current collection, all of which are also made from 100% bio-based MIRUM® and thus meet our requirements for ethical responsibility and the use of plastic-free and vegan leather. Each item is handcrafted in a made to order process in our manufactory in southern Germany.


Did you know ...?

... that MIRUM® is a plastic-free, bio-based material, while other synthetic, vegan or plant-based leathers often require the use of plastic in the form of plastic resins, adhesives or coatings?


We are ready to face our male colleagues and the sustainable fashion market with new designs – what about you?




 [1] Boston Consulting Group and MassChallenge, "Why Women-Owned Startups Are a Better Bet", 2018.

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