MELINA BUCHER handbag collection made with vegan leather MIRUM


stella Vegan Handle Bag
Vegan Handle Bag Stella

Handbags powered by nature

The Melina Bucher MIRUM® collection combines traditional craftsmanship with future-minded materials. Our progressive bags are made with MIRUM® - a 100% biobased and plastic-free vegan leather. Our MIRUM® collection is handcrafted in our own atelier in Germany in a made-to-order process. With our commitment to outstanding quality and circular design, we create a designer piece that fits your values.

peta approved vegan leather

PETA-approved Vegan

Vegan for the animals: our handbags are certified vegan and do not contain any animal products in materials, glues or color dyes.

handbags made with mirum vegan leather

Made with MIRUM®

Our MIRUM® collection is made with the vegan leather of the next generation. MIRUM® Is the progressive material that is 100% bio-based and contains zero plastics.

handcrafted handbags

Handcrafted Collection

Our handbags are designed and handcrafted with perfection in every single detail in our own atelier in Germany.

bailey The handbag of the future
The handbag of the future bailey

Handcrafted Collection

Our MIRUM® collection is designed and meticulously handcrafted in our own atelier in southern Germany. We want to keep the traditional fine bag making skills alive and our master bag makers are experts in vegan and biobased materials. Our designs are timeless, yet progressive and accentuated with handstitched details. The meticulous Melina Bucher design process follows the highest quality and ethical standards resulting in products made to last.