The hottest vegan designer bags of 2024

It's time for new inspiration from the fashion world, because a lot has happened since our last hottest vegan bags series two years ago: well-known brands are increasingly launching vegan bags on the market and we are seeing more and more celebrities as ambassadors for vegan collections. We are thrilled by these developments and can't wait to share the latest models with you. That's why we want to introduce you to the latest key pieces of 2024, because let's be honest... we can never get enough of vegan handbags - vegan leather is in, and it's here to stay!


The majority of the fashion industry today still uses conventional animal leather for its products, which is known for requiring the skin of animals in its production. This is not only cruel in terms of animal welfare, but also extremely harmful to the environment. From the skinning of the animals to the tanning and coloring process of the leather, numerous environmentally harmful chemicals are used. There are really no reasons to justify these atrocities in the leather production process.


At a time when awareness of sustainability and ethical behavior is growing, veganism has become a lifestyle that is increasingly finding its way into the fashion world. Renowned fashion houses as well as smaller designers are recognizing the call of the times and are focusing more and more on vegan material innovations, because sustainable products and conscious consumption are determining our future.


So let's dive together into the world of the latest vegan designer handbags of 2024 and let´s discover the innovation, creativity and elegance that characterize them:


GUCCI Horsebit 1955 from Demetra

None other than Billie Eilish presents the new edition of the Horsebit 1955 by GUCCI. In a groundbreaking redesign, the renowned fashion house has replaced the classic rectangular silhouette with an asymmetrical shape that reinterprets tradition in an innovative way. But the revolutionary element of this Horsebit 1955 is not just the design: it is the first GUCCI bag to be made in Italy from animal-free leather. The Demetra material consists of 75%[1] plant-based raw materials, setting a new standard for sustainable luxury fashion at the Italian fashion house.


Although there are already 100% bio-based alternatives that are even more sustainable, we are delighted that a label as rich in tradition as Gucci is rethinking in terms of a fashion culture that is more strongly characterized by ethical values. 


By the way, we celebrate Billie Eilish not only for her unique musical vision and style, but also as the face of the GUCCI campaign, as no one else would be a better fit. As a committed vegan, she uses her voice to raise awareness about environmental and animal welfare issues. For us, she is therefore a real inspiration when it comes to a sustainable and ethical lifestyle.



The Puffy Bag by Brinn

The Bubble Bag by Brinn is made from soft, puffy vegan recycled leather and is characterized by its sophisticated versatility. Depending on the occasion, it can be transformed from a casual crossbody bag into an everyday shoulder bag or worn as a clutch for going out. The matt black chain adds a striking accent that perfects the overall look of the bag.


Brinn is an independent, woman-owned accessories label based in New Jersey. The small label designs handbags and accessories for the modern, conscious woman, balancing nature and man-made elements with a sense of playfulness. With styles that can be worn in different ways, fashion and function merge seamlessly here. Since 2020, most Brinn bags have been made from 100% solvent-free and water-based vegan PU leather.  



A shopper for day & night by ASK Scandinavia

With its classic shape, the Willow bag from ASK Scandinavia is the perfect accessory for long days that start at the office in the morning and end in style at the restaurant in the evening. With enough space to store all your daily essentials, it offers not only functionality but also a timeless design. With its organic, modern shape, the Italian-made shopper is both minimalist and expressive. But what makes this bag really special is its revolutionary main material: like us, ASK uses the innovative and environmentally friendly MIRUM®.


MIRUM® is an animal-free, 100% plastic-free and durable biomaterial that is designed for a circular economy. It even causes up to 90% less greenhouse gas emissions than animal leather and significantly less CO2 emissions than other artificial leather-like materials.



Your indispensable Evening Bag by MELINA BUCHER

Speaking of MIRUM®. MELINA BUCHER bags are also made from the 100% bio-based vegan leather MIRUM®. As a symbol of thoughtful luxury, the made-to-order handbags from MELINA BUCHER are handmade in the company's own factory in Germany and complemented by the finest organic cotton twill from German weaving mills. The 18kt gold-plated recycled brass MB emblem completes the look of the unique STELLA bag. The carefully developed geometric lines and hand-stitched details emphasize the label's dedication to master craftsmanship. With its focus on research and development, MELINA BUCHER sets an inspiring example for sustainable design and responsible production in the fashion industry.



Black GANNI Bou Bag from Ohoskin

The black GANNI Bou Bag made in Italy is not only a fashion statement, but also a proof of sustainability and innovation. The bag is made from 85% bio-based next-gen material Ohoskin, which is obtained from by-products of orange and cactus cultivation, while the remaining 15% is made from recycled polyester. The hexagonal design in combination with the braided handle makes the bag a real masterpiece of elegance.


Since 2019, Ganni has been working on eliminating conventional materials such as leather or polyester and switching to the best vegan alternatives available on the market. The Fabrics of the Future initiative launched by GANNI as a result of this endeavor is intended to help the label invest increasingly in innovative, low-carbon materials and design more responsible fashion with more responsible materials such as leather made from mycelium and jersey made from banana waste.[2]



Natural elegance: the hand-carved wooden clutch by Blumera

Last but not least, we would like to introduce you to a very special model: the unique clutch from Blumera. Made from recycled wood hand-carved by a selected carver in Bali, it is a true work of sustainable art. The lining of the bag is made from Reishi, a vegan leather based on cotton and mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms. If this bag doesn't symbolize a deep harmony with nature. At this year's EMA Awards, the clutch was even carried by Nikki Reed, who, like the designers at Blumera, shows how love for the environment and stylish design can go hand in hand.



Well, who still thinks that there are no vegan handbags on the market that combine elegance, sophistication and innovation? All these bags embody a touch of rebellion that gives extra impetus to the current dawn of a new era.


The choice for vegan handbags has long since become an expression of style and ethics, representing not only contemporary aesthetics but also an awareness of sustainability and animal welfare. This conscious choice gives the individual look a much more meaningful dimension that goes beyond mere elegance. Vegan leather offers an alternative that keep us looking good and doing good. 


Avoiding the use of animal materials in the leather industry not only avoids the suffering of animals, but also sets an example for responsible treatment of the environment. Vegan handbags are therefore in line with the principles of modern luxury fashion and embody a symbiosis of timeless chic and ethical awareness. If that's not exactly our thing!







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