Veganuary might be over, but there is no better moment than now to switch to vegan fashion. Long gone are the times you had to choose between your ethics and style. Vegan fashion is now established and widespread, no matter what style direction is wanted.¬†The vegan fashion and accessories of 2022 offer¬†forward¬†thinking and high-end designs and make it easy to be well styled on all occasions.¬†Also, there are countless exciting materials¬†coming up that score better than animal leather on the sustainability side as well, like the bio-based vegan leather MIRUM¬ģ we use for our BAILEY collection or mushroom leather made from¬†mycelium.¬†If you want to get all the deets on animal leather myths, check out our latest article¬†here.

As fashion addicts, we are always on the hunt for vegan and sustainable brands that step up the game. That is why we would like to present you the hottest vegan designer bag brands of 2022! We have searched for a long time and gathered our ideas to find the perfect list of vegan designer bags for you! Trigger warning: explicitly contains no animal cruelty. 

Small Quilted Mini Duffle Bag by Hozen

Small and fun (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Hozen)

A real eye-catcher, the Quilted Mini Duffle Bag by Hozen make any outfit look extraordinary! The small vegan bag offers enough space for the most important things and comes in fun modern colorways. Hozen stands for luxury based on sustainability and their vegan designer bags are made in small batches in Los Angeles from recycled PU and recycled polyester lining.

vegan clutch Trudy by Melina Bucher

Little dream (© Design and product images by Melina Bucher)

Our vegan clutch Trudy is one of our most popular models, but who could resist her? Small, classic and above all this vegan clutch is very variable. Whether you need a shoulder bag, fanny pack or a clutch, with Trudy you can combine any outfit classically and always look perfectly styled.
Melina Bucher stands for animal welfare, sustainability and above all transparency. Read about our values and our mission here. We produce in Europe and in a small radius to keep the transport routes as short as possible.

Small Fire Flap Satchel by Alkeme Atelier

On fire with Fire Flap (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Alkeme Atelier)

The vegan small Fire Flap Satchel has a classic design in a beautiful, eye-catching color. We love this combination! Whether for partying or shopping, with this vegan designer bag you are always top styled.
The vegan satchel bag from Alkeme Atelier is made of pineapple leather and recycled polyester, you can also plant a tree per purchase. 

Vegan designer bag by Stella McCartney

A Classic redeveloped (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Stella McCartney)

Stella McCartney stands for sustainable luxury. The designer was one of the first to not use animal leather, fur and feathers 20 years ago. The label still uses wool and silk though. 2021¬†she has presented her new vegan creation on the catwalk of Paris Fashion Week ‚Äď Frayme Mylo‚ĄĘÔłŹ. This Stella McCartney handbag consists of so called mushroom leather and is based on mycelium,¬†the underground root system of mushrooms.
A vegan designer bag inspired by their most famous bag, the Falabella. The¬†Frayme Mylo‚ĄĘÔłŹ is said to be available to purchase later this year.¬†

vegan designer bag Bailey by Melina Bucher

The Handbag of the Future (© Design and product images by Melina Bucher)

The¬†BAILEY bag¬†is a real game changer. It is made out of 100% bio-based, all natural MIRUM¬ģ. The material is designed for circularity - meaning after use it can be made¬†into new MIRUM¬ģ material our go back to nature as valuable nutrients. Compared to most vegan leathers on the market, MIRUM¬ģ is also completely plastic-free and saves 97.5% CO2 emissions when compared to average animal leather. The BAILEY bag is a timeless design staple in a black and beige two-toned design. Its elegant shape with gold-plated hardware complements every elegant outfit and the sportive shoulder strap eases up the outfit for streetwear looks.¬†The¬†innovative vegan leather material¬†is paired with a recycled cotton lining and a circular leather stitching thread. It is handcrafted¬†by highly experienced¬†artisans in the Spanish Ubrique region¬†making it an exceptional statement piece.

Rosanne Puffy Bag by Stand Studio

Puffer style for everyone (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Stand Studio)

Puffer jackets have been one of the most popular styles during the cold days for years, now the trend is also seen in accessories. Whether hats, scarves or even bags! What do you think about the trend? We think it is exciting!
The Rosanne Puffy Bag by Stand Studio is a vegan tote bag in puffer style, made entirely of faux leather. A great companion for winter days.

vegan tote bag Indy by Melina Bucher

Boss Bag (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Melina Bucher)

Our favorite vegan tote bag Indy means big business. With its spacious compartments for your laptop, tablet and smartphone it organizes your busy life. And the scratch resistant and water repellant vegan leather makes it worry free from day to night. 

cactus leather bag by Karl Lagerfeld

Extravagant style (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Karl Lagerfeld)

A collaboration that moves the Karl Lagerfeld brand and the fashion world forward: Karl Lagerfeld has designed a collaboration with Amber Valetta. The vegan designer shopper is made of cactus leather Desserto and loved by fashionistas around the globe.
A new material and that combined with a Karl Lagerfeld design, just not too flashy. Who would say no to that?

designer shopper by Telfar

Like out of a fairy tale (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Telfar)

A designer shopper that captured the fashion world. We also love this simple design in the bright colors. The vegan handbag comes in different sizes and colors, so you can find the perfect version for any outfit. The Telfar Designer Shopper is made of faux leather with a simple logo on the front.

vegan designer shopper Angel by Melina Bucher

Directly from heaven (© Design Melina Bucher, product images by Melina Bucher)

Our designer shopper Angel will take you to heaven! Whether you carry her to work or for a weekend trip, the Angel bag fits everything. With its timeless, modern shape design this vegan shopper is perfect whenever you need a lot of things - or you just do not know what the day will bring. It is responsibly made in Europe and transported CO2-neutral directly to your door.

We love how versatile vegan fashion nowadays is: it can be both bold and fun or a modern classic. The forward-thinking vegan designers also look at innovative, next-gen materials and responsible working conditions. And with their approach they redefine what designer fashion is and should be all about.

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