Meet the Dreamer bag

Our 100% bio-based handbag is finally a reality!

We are aware of the fact that nature has already developed technologies to create the products we need and love in harmony with the planet.

Against this background we developed the world's first entirely vegan and bio-based handbag. From the outer material to the filling, reinforcements and threads, all components of the innovative DREAMER handbag are plastic-free and were rethought in line with nature.


MIRUM® is a high-performance plant-based vegan leather with 100% natural inputs. It is made from responsibly sourced natural rubber, plant-based oil, natural pigments and minerals. This material has a significant positive impact on greenhouse gas emissions as well as water scarcity and biodiversity, as it requires neither tanning nor water during manufacturing and dyeing.

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The filling material used in the DREAMER Bag is BioPuff® from Ponda. Unlike conventional fillers such as feathers and polyester, this next-generation material is produced by extracting fibers from the Typha plant, thereby regenerating precious wetland
ecosystems. Also, the material is Cradle-to-Cradle Certfied® Gold!

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As reinforcements of the DREAMER bag, the non-woven material LOVR based on hemp residues from hemp fields in Germany by Revoltech is used. An all-natural and visionary material that has arrived to prove that changing for the better can be as simple as that.

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Forager™ by Ecovative is a fully biological foam made of mycelium that is 100% free of plastic and chemicals. The result is true circularity where it’s needed most, because mycelium, when thrown away at the end of a product’s life, returns to the Earth as a nutrient rather than a pollutant.

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Melina's personal message

The last years, there was a tremendous debate about what is better – animal leather or synthetic alternatives. What no one wants to talk about: whether you prefer an animal leather or vegan product, all bags use various plastic-based components like reinforcements, threads, foams or fillings. The DREAMER Bag shows the world that it is possible to do without both animal products and plastic - and
at the same time it is an invitation to other brands to do the same.